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This project led by Leo Baeck College is dedicated to the academic study and teaching of comparative Jewish, Christian and Islamic approaches to the interpretation of sacred scripture, from the earliest times through the medieval and classical period onwards. Not only is academic research and teaching in this area of great importance in tracing the mutual influences, ancient conversations and intellectual relations between the three great Abrahamic faiths over centuries, but at a time in history now when the battle for the authority to interpret God's word is having a global impact, such study is of crucial importance to our understanding of what the future holds for our shared coexistence as people of faith.

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This academic programme is open to rabbis, rabbinical students and Jewish community leaders, and offers a unique opportunity for study of classical Islamic texts and tafsir commentaries of the Quran - a fundamental source for Islamic religious belief, law and social guidance which informs every facet of Muslim life. The course comprises seminar-type lectures and interactive chevruta-style study of Quranic texts with the classical Islamic commentaries. The course has a particular focus on Jewish-Muslim relations, and offers an honest and frank engagement with serious issues affecting the relationship of the Muslim world with the Jewish community, all undertaken in a safe scholarly environment. For further information, please click here or write to us at:

enquiries @ scripturesindialogue.org


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